LunaSea Glass Studio is owned by Richard Stancik of Bloomington, IN.

What is LunaSea glass studio? Luna Sea is a play on the word, Lunacy. Luna Sea does not mean that you have to be crazy to buy our designs, just crazy about beautiful glass art. 

Luna Sea designs are created by me, Richard Stancik.

I really look like this:

I mean this...

You may be wondering how I started making the pieces I make.

It all started with an interest in making epoxy lamps like this:

But, Once I had made that lamp, I realized I didn't really want to make more of them very much. It was super messy, super labor intensive, and although it is beautiful, I wanted to achieve a similar level of beauty but without all the aforementioned mess and effort.

That led me to this idea; what if Instead of epoxy in the middle of the wood, I used layered glass? That led to this:

 I'm also very proud of this lamp but I realized that glass and wood are cool, but glass and concrete are AWESOME! (At least in my opinion.)

springboarding from that idea, I made this OG "Heart of Glass" prototype:

This beast still sits on a shelf in our living room and is a favorite of my wife. However, it weighs about 17 pounds! 

I wanted to come up with a more elegant and lighter weight version. So, I bought a concrete mold and that led to this, which is what I consider the ultimate "Heart of Glass" lamp:

All my friends who've seen these lamps love them, and that made me want to make more lamps, sculptures, and to sell them to the public. If you buy one of my lamps, I'm confident that you will love it and YOUR friends will TOO! (These make great gifts, too!)

Thanks for visiting, 

Richard Stancik

Luna Sea Glass Studio